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Grab Jute Table Mat, Jute Braided, Yellow Jute Braid, And Several Other Jute Products At Best Prices.

About Us

Modern people are aware of the fact that jute is one of the most environmental friendly materials that causes no harm to flora and fauna. It is this material that is known for its versatility and large usage in numerous industries like packaging, construction, and more. Introducing supreme quality jute products to meet modern customers requirements is A.M.R Jute Product. We are a 2018 founded manufacturer and exporter of Jute Braided Braid, Green Jute Braid, Purple Jute Braid, Yellow Jute Braid, Jute Table Mat and many more jute items in Berhampore, West Bengal (India). Our company is well-known for creating different colors, sizes and thicknesses of jute braid, which find use in wrapping bales of cotton and making sacks. Also, our table mats are meant to increase the aesthetics and practicality of dining, living and office spaces. All our jute products are cost-effective and recyclable. 

Production Excellence 

Our company owns a big production space for producing a large variety and huge quantity of jute products. We have dependable resources for creating matchless quality jute items. In a month, 150 tonnes of total jute items are produced at our own facility, under the supervision of experts, who hold deep industrial knowledge. Our passion to impress customers is one of the reasons for our company carrying out shipment process in a smooth and hassle free manner.

International Presence 

Indian jute is famous all around the world for its natural golden shine, bio-degradability, high tensile strength and versatility. Taking an initiative to supply the best of jute based braid and table mats in the global marketplace, is our company, A.M.R Jute Product. Our four years old company is happy to have expanded its products supply reach from India to numerous regions of the world. With the assistance of long-standing logistic companies, we are supplying our Jute Braided, Jute Table Mat, Green Jute Braid, Yellow Jute Braid and more jute products in Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, USA, Japan, Scotland and Europe.

Why Choose Our Company?

Today, our company is trusted in the worldwide for the following reasons:

  • We maintain top standards of quality in our jute items.
  • We offer advantageous deals as well as prices to our customers. 
  • We make deliveries on a scheduled basis to delight our customers. 
  • We possess smart technologies for producing jute products in bulk quantity.